it's not a choice between mainstream and out there

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Both genres are so twisted with lies they are useless to anyone who needs to deal with the actual. No. Out There's good for de-conditioning your mainstreamized consciousness, which is a vital step in the process of waking up, but not supposed to turn into just an alternative gospel. You're supposed to grok the imperative of learning to discern actuality yourself, alone, not through media, not by means of inputting the little computational setup between your ears with shit called "facts", but by using your real knowing mechanism. The thing you've been trained away from since childhood.

This is a crucial distinction, and the only way your birth does not turn out to have been pure pointless resource consumption is if you will wake up to it.

The kid talking with Jordan here has stopped worshipping him and started spraying out "research" at an astonishing clip. If you look at this stuff, don't forget that related stuff in the sidebar. You can just go video hopping to sample the wildly conflicting wares of conspiracy buffs.

It's a brain-melting ocean of fiery goo. Pretty soon there won't be any way at all to place any credence in any alternative view to the one dictated to and disseminated by mainstream media... which does now include the system of pipes.

You won't be left with any choice but to just dump it ALL and start from scratch.

always and any time....