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You know, I've had the wrong link here all this time. I just went to my stats page for the first time in I don't know HOW long, because it occurred to me it could give me some idea about the usage of a certain browser... do something to solidify a vague notion muddling around in my puddle.

Once there, I could not help but notice that a bunch of people are going to this post... keep returning to it... evidently, waiting for a link correction... because the fire map that was accidentally linked cannot be THAT interesting.

Well, your trusty BB2 was out traipsing around Yosemite for a week, AFK, as they say, and so it got by me.


I have senior moments with great regularity. Some days are so full of them it's a wonder I can remember to feed myself. Shit happens. It needn't cause you to drive yourself batshit checking back five and ten times a day for nearly a damn week.

HOW can you be THAT devoted to lurking? So devoted you won't even put an anonymous comment on the post to indicate my error? Not just one of you. A bunch of you.


Anyway, the link is fixed now. Going to be anticlimactic at this stage of the game. It might have remained a mystery to you for the rest of time, though, because I do NOT make it a habit to look at my stats. I only have them in case of need for dealing with an asshole, and, I guess, lately, the only assholes I have to deal with are silent ones, my favorite kind.



But somewhere in the second half, or last third of it, or maybe even the last quarter of it, the guest comes up with something really very cool to put into your brain... and it's funny, because I was just thinking about how paying attention to what my friend Jasun calls "the alternate perceptions community" is extremely helpful to people trying to rid themselves of conditioned default assumptions.

Even if you don't believe in a one of them. If you are even partly awake you know the conditioned defaults are a pack of lies. You know that much for sure by now, don't you? So taking your head out of its mold ends up helping you see what you really think and really know, while you are busying yourself with new, or at least varied, things.

You know also that there is a titanic effort underway, and has been for a looong time, to jam those presets into you. It is more fervent and more transparent with the passing of each day. You don't need to become a card-carrying bliss ninny or UFO nut or go back and get a degree in physics so you can even find a way to help think us out of that box, none of that.

Just take your attention off where it is dirt obvious they want it. Pay real attention to stuff you don't already think. Investigate new-to-you realms of thought. They could all be hallucinations and the mere exercise of your curiosity can actually load up the cosmos with enough good ideas that it will head for them of its own accord.

Why leave all that to psychopaths?

That cannot end well.

always and any time....