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It sends me into gales of tornadic hatred in my inner cosmos. It might be a good idea not to get too close to me during "fire season"... which almost 24/7/365 these days. Still, don't say I didn't warn you.


The lightning last night was like a cosmic strobe light. It seemed too far away and didn't seem to be wanting to rain, so I thought we were okay.
Lightning across the Six Rivers National Forest over the last 24 hours has started at least 15 wildfires.

At this time [5pm], there are 8 fires on the Gasquet Ranger District, the forest’s northernmost district; 1 fire on the Lower Trinity District, plus 2 fires near the border on the Shasta-Trinity National Forest; and 6 fires on the Mad River District, on the southern end of the forest.

The largest of these fires remains the Devil Fire; however, better estimates put the size at 10 acres [instead of 40 earlier estimated]. All of the other fires are less than 2 acres, including some single-tree fires.
Not exactly.

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