not immortal

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If you recognize this image from your own experience, you will probably realize that "immortal" is maybe the wrong choice for translating xiān into English... in the Taoist context anyway.

Strikes me this helps make my point about true mysticism being inimical to modern scholarship, and, certainly, the other way around... 99.99% of the time. I could pitch a hissy right here that would go on for gigabytes, just picking this dumb wiki page to shreds. Oddly, though, I chose the most telling detail to highlight from an image of a painting of xiān that is found on the very same page.

And Daniele, while he is not a great enlightening being, is definitely, definitely, definitely good for getting your average walking around birdbrain correctly oriented for the prospect of beginning. So I endure the people talking with him on podcasts in case a little of his relaxation might rub off on me.

It's taken me so bloody long strictly because I am determined like a ton of bricks, like a tsunami, like knock you all down like bowling pins. Get out of my way.

I'm shedding.

always and any time....