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I go into the kitchen and make myself a cup of mud. I come back to my post and sip it while smoking a couple cigarettes, generally blanking out the mental squirming, looking for any trace of certitude.

It's taken me a full year, but I do not agree with my compatriots at the event down in San Mateo last year. What I know for certain is that there is a private physics. There is literally no other explanation for the implacable idiocies of science and physics over the course of my life. That's flat. And we did see solid evidence of it at work on 9/11.

Some say this circus of abysmal failures in both state and commercial space programs is meant to mask the existence of the truly successful space program of an elite we can't even name. This might be so, but this scenario of obfuscatory dramas seems to me to be too ludicrous even for that purpose... overkill. And, what, then, is stopping whoever "they" are from just using their private physics tech on us and the planet, sparing only those they might need to build and man all their fabulous space craft and medical miracles and radiation and pollution remediating tech down here on terra firma?

Why bother to keep mindfucking the rabble, us, into strife of every stripe and letting people starve and blowing up people too near old world order strategic interests? What don't they control that would leave them this reluctant to just get it over with?

Are they completely gone, with just a remnant here making sure we can't follow them?

What's the hitch?

Why this movie?


Such a coinkydink. This just popped up on my YouBube feed. I met Walter in San Mateo. He's a really nice guy and did a great job of keeping us safe and jolly.

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