you ought to try going with my gut

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The latest about Snowden is horse shit. You can choose between it being meant to play out this way from the git and it just being wholly fabricated now as a way to help propagandize us into frank[er] fascism and WWIII.

I'm sorry. I tried to read Greenwald on the matter, but my gut keeps getting kicked from inside when I put myself in front of something too untrustworthy or wasteful of precious time. Our leading lights have been taken from us, not even they have been clear of depredation by their own conditioning to fend off co-option.

This is why I drone on about awakening.

It's your only hope not to have wasted your birth. It's this planet's only hope of returning to its status as paradise. Don't be thick.

It was always Snowden's job to provide a basis for this shit or they are just making the most of a bad deal by lying about it more. Pick... or leave those two doors open... but don't, please, fall into this spiritual glue pit.



Take this horse shit: extreme poverty can be eliminated, but conflicts are the problem.

One of the main uses of conflict is to insure extreme poverty never can be eliminated. That's WHY they fall all over themselves creating "reasons" conflict is the only way.


It's NOT rocket science until the population is SO confused they can't do anything but run out and slave at something for enough hours to keep eating and keeping their heads in the sand. THEN, obviously, it's rocket science.

You can't be manipulated unless your existential terror stays front and center.

Some aren't even taking their heads out of the sand long enough to eat anymore.


always and any time....