cholesterol isn't the trouble

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Sugar is. We aren't designed for all the carbs. It makes our blood vessels get little tears in them. Our bodies send cholesterol to the patch up the tears. We need cholesterol. And the older we are, the more we need it.

The brain has to have it.

And you have to have salt! Get the pink mined salt. It's about eight bucks for a pound of it. Well worth it because there are no toxins from bleaching and it's full of other necessary minerals you are lacking. Your cell walls can't function properly without the salt.

If you have high blood pressure, you should be nixing sugar and grain, not salt and cholesterol. Dietary fat is not fattening! Sugar and bread and cake and pie and lab food are. The doctors have been telling people how to make themselves sicker for decades and decades.

You can eat mountains of bacon and steak and eggs and full fat cheese and watch your body change back into a normal human form. I ain't lyin', dammit. It's not that hard. You crave those carbs because they're poison. The endorphins released when you eat poison are addictive. Exactly the same mechanism that makes cigarettes addictive.

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