i can't face it

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Let me know if there's anything revolutionary in here, please. I will have to kill myself if it's the same old shit over again. I mean, every time I turn around there's a new piece about sleep saying the same old shit and giving the same old advice. Most of it helps not at all. Some of it helps a tad... sometimes.

My wimpy cannabutter thing, while still pretty hit and miss, does definitely improve sleep quality. I took a very large hunk of it a couple nights ago and put it in mashed potatoes made with butter and bacon grease and sour cream.

It nailed me. I was still mildly stoned all yesterday. And went to sleep again fine last night. It didn't give me the heart-pounding panic-like reaction either. So, for sure, putting it in the fattiest form possible both smooths it out and makes it longer acting.

Seems to break through the electromagnetic smog to help get you back down into the deep sleep phases again. I have to remind you that this is vital to your health. Mental and physical. Don't be a jackass, and please let me know if there was anything in here that hasn't been done and again my whole life.

always and any time....