in my day

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Men offered women quaaludes because they turn women into raving she-devil sex goddesses... before they give them a great night's sleep. Someone who started out looking like a definite maybe suddenly looked like the answer to your deepest jungle urges... definitely husband material.

It was great.

Anyway, I was thinking of asking if maybe they're trying to get Cosby to kill himself before this quaalude malarkey kicked up. I am not taking sides on this because I only loved him in I Spy and I know the kinds of filthy things the psychopaths do when they are trying to bully people.

People say, oh, no, no doubt about it with so many women accusing him. They could never get that many to accuse him. Horse shit. They can get ten times that many. It is, now, to the point where there's no recalling it, no getting him back his good name, so whatever it might've been, caving in to their demands now doesn't seem to be going to accomplish anything.

I even think there's a better chance it's a set up because it's so outrageous and very hard to believe it would not have blown up decades ago if he was really doing that. He wouldn't have any money left if he were having to pay them all to stay quiet.

So I was starting to think he might kill himself.

I'm with Joey on this, if there's any merit to the claims. Not condoning anything approximating rape, all but the very most innocent idiot women going to go be alone with him were not going for a nice chat and a cup of tea.

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