near nuke in khoonkhwuttunne

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It being 84º here again today, at least five degrees hotter than forecast, I went to check if they'd at least revised the forecast. Yes. Yes they fucking did! The NWS said it's 61º here right now... which negated any desire to think about what they have plotted for the next week.

I leapt up and ran around, checking my sweat and the view out my windows on all four sides of the house and looked at my thermostat and my neighbor's thermometer and checked my sweat again. Fuck! Was that a typo? Or are they just trying to make me even crazier?

So I looked at my other weather forecast link... and they said it's 97º here!

That's when the nuke came almost all the way out of my silo.

But at the very split second before the launch sequence was beyond recall, I decided to look at what the other nearby weather stations had to say for themselves.

Bottom line: I get potluck. Whatever the gods dish me will be what weather I endure.

always and any time....