i'm giving up

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It's gotta be close on to ten years I've been keeping an eye on Michael Tsarion, hoping he was going to get somewhere good with that excellent noggin of his, but, nope, I'm giving up now. Not only did he move his latest tarot series behind a pay wall, but also tons of other stuff I've linked here over the years, wiped ten or fifteen of my playlists so that anyone who wants to see/hear them now will need to fork over $12 a month.

I have endured his association with David Whitehead for a few years now, almost admiringly, because of the patience it takes to try to make any of this real to that kid, as opposed to just another window dressing for his little mental castle he loves to wander in front of us so much, but it has degenerated into almost uninterrupted self-congratulation on both sides and I'm done.

Maybe even grateful Michael's pulled himself in behind a pay wall so fewer have to spend so many hours getting nowhere beside the firm idea that history isn't how it's been made to seem by psychopaths. Surely that much should be free and, even if it were worth the money, the outlay of time to get nowhere particularly urgent is the wrong direction for young people who need most to wake up.

It's not in English. It's not in language. It is directly known, and you just have to shut yourself up long enough and you find out. Best to have someone who knows the ropes to help you, but neither of these two is your man.

pipe up any time....