kneeling at football games is not the same thing

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I don't care what relative of Dr. King says it is. I don't care how much of a clown you think the president is. I don't care whether you are from another planet or this one. It's not the same thing, and it is an insult to the heroes of the Civil Rights Movement to even bring it up.

I heard a comedienne making fun of MLK yesterday, comparing his speaking voice to the kind of hypnosis that comes over people who are listening to good standup comedy, and I almost threw a brick through my monitor. And, yes, I know not calling her a "comic" like her brethren is not politically correct. I am extremely interested in making the point that she's a piece of shit for going there, and not once, but twice.

Probably few of us in California are ignorant of the florid way a man was killed by cops on I-80 yesterday. First reports were than they were out after a robbery suspect, laying strips on the freeway to stop the robber's getaway.

But then it turned to homicide suspect.

And then it turned to cops returning fire... which doesn't look plausible.

And then it turned to "45-year-old San Leandro resident Demilo Hodge."
Hodge grew up in the Bay Area and owned and managed the Executive Excursion Limousine Service, offering wine tours in the Napa area.

Police said he was officially listed as a San Leandro resident, but his Facebook profile says he lived in Napa.
And then somebody went and looked up some pictures of him.

Does this sound right? And check out all the pictures of him with his clients.

I've got some questions. What on earth would have possessed the cops to put the strips on I-80, EVEN if it had actually been a known homicide suspect when they started chasing the guy for robbery or whatever the true story was that has been heaped over with both false and dubious information?

They could have followed him to somewhere they would not be putting the entire Bay Area into a standstill, even if he stayed on 80, they could have cops after him the whole way, until he ran out of gas.

Are you thinking they wouldn't have done this to a white guy?

What about all the white guys and gals whose entire day they outright ruined... like not able to pee or poop or eat or get to work or to a seriously important meeting or doctor's appointment? Anybody forced to have her baby in her car? Vacation ruined? Heart attacks? Heat exhaustion or dehydration?


Even if Demilo had been guilty of murder and then robbery and not stopping for police and shooting at them first, which maybe none of those things were the case, the guy has his smiling face plastered all over the internet with grinning white people draped all over him, and it is 100% perfectly crystal clear the cops wouldn't have done this if they gave part of a shit about ANYBODY... of ANY race.

And nobody but the most determined propagandists compares what went on Selma 1965 to what's going in America 2017. It's utter horse shit that bends toward elevating victimhood to some sort of sacred status, and Martin would NOT have had even thirty seconds of this noise. The problem is killer cops taking over every law enforcement agency. NOTHING to do with race, and treating it as such is actually... wait for it... racist.



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