trump's uncle

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Is interesting because he had an intimate connection with the private physics types.


I mean, if you have been paying attention here over the last five or more years, and you have the patience to listen to at least a little of these videos, you should pretty well be able to get the distinct idea that there really is some extremely powerful and effective physics that are NOT for public consumption. Never mind how much good they would do life on earth, they can be used for complete destruction.

So they're private... left in the hands of people who, while psychopathic, can probably be trusted not to blow up the planet, but also give far less than zero fucks about you, about anything that is important to you, about your pain and suffering or that of those you love. They aren't capable of that, and secrets make them this powerful.

What are true human adults to do about this?

That's not a rhetorical question.

pipe up any time....