furiously heating the ionosphere

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They keep us fighting over global warming... or... excuse me... climate change. And they have to fill the sky with toxic particles to pull it off. And lots of people are finding their bodies expelling creepy things that are acting for all the world like self-assembling machinery. At rock bottom, with all the metals we breathe, we're turning into bipedal antennae, and really should keep our eyes on stuff our maniacal researchers have dug up.

I mean, if you'd dug it up, seen the documentation yourself, you'd probably sound fairly maniacal when trying to tell people about it... especially when you start hearing people positing that the old "full spectrum dominance" thing might not just be related to global geopolitical control, but actual involuntary control of humans chock full of bots trying to turn into circuits.

Yes, that is darn out there, and maybe people have been reading too much science fiction, but there are a bunch of people who are looking at science fact and deducing things you just can't put past psychopaths.

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