i need to make a confession

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First, if you can listen to this, you are not a better man than I am because I am forcing myself to listen to it, even if I lose my spiral ham doing it. You won't have to listen very long to realize what they are doing, but I could not bring myself to believe they'd keep it up the whole way through, so I am doing this to myself.

I'm about two-thirds the way through it.

Jesus. I know you do something akin to this every night. Don't lie.

Anyway, it struck me during this utterly migraine-inducing work of "art" that I've been so oblique about Admiral Janeway and Granny Fussbudget for so long that I have not brought myself to agonize how I don't trust Janeway's math anymore, and I don't trust Fussbudget's physics anymore. I mean, I do believe there is math there and physics there, just not theirs, or that the rest of their gestalt is honest enough to trust wholly either.

I was desperate for some people with IQs. Over the course of my work to earn my doctoral degrees in out there, you can imagine, I was in sore need. So I ignored a lot to keep happy with my little finds... and then got flatter-bombed so hard it forced me to stop ignoring what I'd been ignoring.

One of the worst aspects of really smart people is that too many of them hate the world for being packed with total morons, and do NOT feel any shame about squeezing money out of morons, GeorgeAnn.

Good people do not do that.

It's the same as activists inactivating themselves for the adulation and profit.

I keep half an eye on their shit, unwilling to cede my hard-earned chops, my status as nines, PhD[s]. I've seen the range of new mouthpieces for their shtick and how strings are pulled to get "credible" alternate media to enhance and deepen their access to our attention... to maintain the flow of subscribers and conference goers... mutual back scratchings and cable tv checks... sellouts... IQ clowns.

As bad as the psychopaths they make their livings reviling.

Modified limited hangouts for people who know they're being lied to.

Basically, I'm saying I want you to know that I want better for you, and should be sparkier about providing it... dig in here and startle the fuck out of you more often.

pipe up any time....