take. this. seriously.

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I just freaked out on Billy about this again, and you gotta take me seriously on this, too. Go to the health food store, even if that means Whole Paycheck and buy a pint of liquid probiotics and a pint of chocolate ice cream. Go home and empty both into your blender and drink the whole thing. Even if you need to watch your carb intake, it will need to be the ice cream or it will be too much for you to drink the probiotics plain.

It's a very tangy chocolate shake, and easy to drink the whole thing. If you have bad sinuses, this is a major indicator of how badly you need to do this. If you have had to take any antibiotics, you should do this immediately as your course is over, at the same time you would have taken your next dose if there were any left. And don't stop at once. Do it at least twice a week for a few weeks or a couple months.

And then just make sure you keep a daily intake of fermented something or other. If you don't want to hassle with it, just dedicate yourself to drinking Nancy's Whole Milk Kefir every day... and then just do periodic nuke shakes to make sure your gut biota is topped off with the good shit.

Don't argue with me.

pipe up any time....