after a long era of puppet presidents

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And in control of our MIC — and enough of our military brass — psychopaths, not heralded for their originality, do, though, make adjustments to their game and start over stronger. The Ukraine is a good spot for them.

No, really. Despite Granny Fussbudget's titillating tales of a stateless state of super-villains, the United States has been their home base since before they kitted out Hitler. And who pulled all that Maidan shit to begin with? And who dreamt up the EU to begin with? Why would they let in hordes of Muslims? More even than they can possibly accommodate?

We have not had a real president since at least JFK... and progressively less presidential since. From the days when they were accountable for keeping the public informed, to embedding and managing journalists, to not counting killed and wounded, to flat out not telling any of us what the fuck they're doing. We have to get information from outlets in other countries.

Do you think the current president has any say-so over our military beyond ceremonial? And that would have been true no matter which one was installed in the White House. One would have been happy about it, and the other unhappy about it, but it would ultimately have been the same either way.

And what did they tell you over and over and over again about Hitler in school? That he wanted to rule the world... was planning to take over the whole planet... that he was an arch villain who had to be stopped.

The Nazis did not lose WWII. Germany did. The Nazis only retreated, made sure no more presidents could fuck with them, and regrouped.

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