i certainly don't know

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But it seems to me there is an effort to get the lower level moles to just resign or be fired, to appease the masses and get rid of them, never backing the psychopaths SO far into their corners that they get to the "fuck it, let's blow up the planet" phase of their murderous reactions to being stopped from their workaday murderousness.

Good luck with that. No. Really. Better have enough of the underlings identified and neutralized so you have a hope of finessing this without any more global mayhem.

Or, I'm just not thinking deeply enough about it. Had to travel through the terrible storm on Sunday, to be there for court on Monday morning, but instead of going directly back home and hunkering down on my very last option before I have to move up to a higher court, I came down to visit with Billy and Berit and see my dermatologist about the weird thing on the very crown of my addled old pate, and to get to a Honda dealer to replace the passenger side airbag in my third millennium go-cart so I stop getting all these screaming neon notices in the mail every few minutes.

Wonder of wonders. Both the doctor and the dealer will fit me in tomorrow, and now I just have to see if I can't get one or another of my attorney "friends" to help me get something off LexisNexis and I can finally embody a person who doesn't have any fires raging in her background for a day or two.

I mean, it certainly won't last, but doing it this way works out about a thousand times better than any of my other options, so I can boast today of being akin to a fully-functioning adult human, despite too much stress for the chill pills to do their whole job.

I'm pretty sure that the sound of the surf and the chill pill/s tonight ought to bump out the last of the deficit from the added stress, enough to get me back home in a few days at least.

pipe up any time....