i'm doing my bipartisan striped toothpaste thing again

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Let's all face it, Jerry Brown should have died peacefully in his sleep when he was mayor of Oakland. We would be in no worse condition or maybe so much worse we would have fixed it by now... or maybe you really just haven't been made to face the kind of people who are running this state... who run things everywhere. Whatever.

Thing is, Sessions has a point about criminal gangs. I don't know if he knows who's actually running them or not, but either way, there are very bad criminals we are not allowed to fight. They make more money when pot is illegal, but the people are also more likely to work to bust their corrupt asses when they want legal pot and can't get it. So it's a tradeoff.

Less opposition and make do with heroin and meth and cocaine, or more money by keeping control of the pot trafficking too. Jeff seems to be picking the wrong option, because, even where it is fully legal, there are illegal grows and sales enough off of which to keep making tidy sums and it's a win/win for dopers and corrupt government alike.

Still, they just hate freelancers. You know this if you have ever had to show your ID to buy decongestant. Nobody gets to live outside their system, or die outside it, or kill themselves outside it.

So, Nosbaractu's little bargain was actually a way to keep everybody happy, to quit antagonizing dopers while still getting a decent flow of filled beds quotas at private prisons, and a respectable flow of proven young guns for moving other products. It did not cramp the big boys' ability to do their "leveraged buyouts" of any places they target and gave all kinds of political capital to a wider range of officials... local and state guys could get in on the action more easily... help insure that the Democrats could keep flouting the Constitution for the psychopaths to their hearts' content.

But no one I know would expect the Republicans to take this lying down. That suave little half white fraud doesn't even know from the audacity he'd need to seal the top seats in global tyranny for his supporters... still banking on his intellectually superior selfish and obedient halfwits being better than their ignorant and loyal selfish and obedient halfwits.

I just think I should mention to you that the federally-funded medical clinic here has been testing everyone's pee every three months for over a year... since before Nosbaracktu left office. No medical clinic had been testing anyone's pee unless it was specifically ordered for more than a decade before that. It was cutting out too many other more pricy labs. They care about the capitalist advantage the "standard of care" has evolved to wring from sick people more than any other single thing.

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