it's been rainy

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And even might've been raining somewhere the roof could withstand it by now if not for having been smacked in the mouth by a comet almost exactly a year ago. I spent the day working on my problem and rushing to get my work out in the overnight pouch down in Crescent City, but Billy picked the very moment I was giving it a final proofread before signing it and running out the door to ring me up.

Then, the dairy a couple miles down the road picked this very moment to block the whole road for ten minutes in its effort to maneuver a monster feed delivery truck into line. Then, as is ever the case at such times, every car ahead of me was manned by a driver markedly disinclined to get near the speed limit, even though it wasn't the kind of rainy condition out there that would make it prudent to be that laid back.

And I arrived at the very moment the UPS overnight guy was wailing that he absolutely had to get on the road or the overnights wouldn't be overnights. All that stress and inability to execute my hurry were for naught. No matter says the clerk. We can send it via Fed-Ex overnight, who will pick it up earlier tomorrow and deliver it earlier on Friday.

Heavy sigh. Fine. Still plenty of time for everybody to be on notice and I don't have to lose my nervous system over this stuff on top of all my other huge losses, so I made the concerted effort to settle down. Splurged on a monster breve at the much-reviled Starbuck's nearby to sip as I drove home. Got behind the now empty monster feed truck leaving the dairy and drove well under the speed limit behind him until I could at last turn into my drive. Fine. Fine.

It's done and I have done my functioning adult best. Now I can be calm.

Go to staple my overnight receipt to my copy of the document, and see that it promises to deliver it by 4:30pm on Friday, which if true, if it isn't there by Friday morning, means it won't be seen until Tuesday morning.

Can you hear the cosmic giggle?

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