my day

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I called my dermatologist and asked if she could fit me in to take a look at the booboo on the top of my scalp, make sure it's not cancer. She got me in the very next day. Today. Then I called Marin Honda and asked to get an appointment for my third millennium go-cart's passenger side airbag recall work. They too got me in today. 11am to the skin goddess and 1pm to the Honda service department.

Well, she hauled me in to the examining room and stripped me down to my underpants and went over every inch of me... froze a bunch of pre-cancers off me and took a punch of my scalp to send to the lab. History of basal cell carcinoma. 99.999% sure its not melanoma, and probably isn't even cancerous, but it was bad enough we needed the biopsy.

Bip bam, I'm racing to the Honda joint, where everything is new and streamlined and very, very chic. They also put a new battery in my reluctant key. I entertained in the waiting room. Asked over which Japanese executive I need to slap around to get them to keep making coupes instead of just stodgy sedans.

Basically just entertained the denizens of Manic Marin and came swimming back to Stinson to report this to you.

I am such a lucky person. My dermatologist is a very highly-respected goddess of human skin and she cares about me. She worked into lunch to make sure I was safe and not pestered by skin lesions of any sort. And now I'm in here with Billy and Berit after a fabulous meal, wood burner keeping us toasty, sound of the surf lulling me to sleep in a very, very cozy bed.

And now I can make my car open and lock the newfangled way, again, without fighting the dying battery. Only $5.45 for my whole day... but will no doubt go right back to trying to make my front door to my house open with my car key again.

pipe up any time....