oh, well, maybe they finally read the memo

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Or maybe the public getting a gander at the blatant manipulations of the Nosbaracktu machine, stripping them of more and more citizen voters and screwing up or maiming our kids to solidify a base around pangenderism, nonexistent racism, unimpeded immigration and the done to death sexism is a bridge too far even for them? They lost American labor. They lost blacks. They lost the farmers. They lost everybody having to pay the skyrocketing premiums and tanking quality of service on Obamacare.

It's not even about our country for the Democrats anymore. It's about global control. That's where the money and power is for them. They haven't been actual liberals for decades. They're further right than 99% of our conservatives.

Maybe some of their congressional slitherers can see this is going nowhere but down and pulled the plug? [Nonsense, I know. Humor me while I try to look at an improbable positive slant on things.]

pipe up any time....