jo6pac is a god of solidarity with truth

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And, yes, that really is my favorite picture of President Putin. Make a PDF of this article if you want to remain in contact with reality. I have checked. Well over a decade of my hard work to keep my finger on that pulse has all been disappeared from search results.

No. Really. Google is on it. At least we used to see things before they disappeared, but, now, just try to google a hot button item contained in any remotely constitution-friendly news flash. Good luckski. Half the time even Bing will immediately give you good results on that scary search term, but not our psychopath overlords' Ministry of Propaganda.

This woman is talking actual recent world history.

You WANT that.

You WANT the actual. You WANT the real.

I know the truth hurts, but it's the door to freedom. Oh, that sounds old? You think that's trite? It's too goddam easy for you to suffer terminal brain elision syndrome if you keep skipping over meaning when it costs the whole world this much.

pipe up any time....