shut up, tillerson

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Is it a job requirement for Secretaries of State to be insufferable to me no matter what political party or oligarch faction or space alien species appoints them? No kidding, it creeps me out. Our diplomats make me sick... and especially the top ones. I can't remember when they didn't.

And, the missing trillions Admiral Janeway keeps trying to chase down...? She just insists a secret space program is the only explanation. I insist she has to run the numbers for the armies — national and terrorist and provocateur — who have to be paid and equipped on a global scale; all the drills that need to be flipped live; the capricious way in which zeroes are added and subtracted from hallowed cyberspace.

Yeah, yeah, it's cheaper in the third world, but it's not only the third world, and also buying away patriotism in the numbers needed doesn't ever even begin to stick with any kind of budget. It becomes increasingly expensive every minute.

Monetary systems, individually and severally, are Ponzi schemes and the only way to keep them happening is fuckery. They all fall without fuckery. The fuckers throughout history seem to me to be the only ones who can keep that straight. This sick faith that the books have to balance or revolution ensues is just plain dumb.

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