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I do not approve of doping, yet everyone does it, and I do not approve of political pressure having any bearing on the Olympic Games. They were conceived as the way for all nations to set aside their differences and play, and no exceptions. You may think that, yes, but that was before everybody decided that friendly competition was a good stand in for blood sport and before doping was invented, but I say, no, that should serve precisely to remind everyone that ALL differences are set aside, the games take place in utter peace and comity to stand for our global recognition of each other's humanity.

Last night I watched MMA fights from Brazil. They don't do the doping testing there. Our athletes competed, undoped, and some of them won, and maybe we grumble about it, but we went of our own accord and that is as good as it gets in the real United States... in the whole world.

It's like with Lance Armstrong. Turns out nobody was not doping. He was just winning, and, crucially, lying his head off and harming people who were telling the truth. We disapprove of that, and we should, but, when you look at REALITY, he was not cheating in the first place.

Seems to me this whole deal boils down to Nosbaracktu's determination to hurt Vladimir Putin for continually coming out the good guy, for continually making him look like the unscrupulous murderer he is. And it didn't quell Nosbaracktu's hatred. It only gave him a little thrill of revenge, the satisfaction of imposing injustice because he could.

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