brain damaged psychopaths

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Are embarrassments to their peers. Their partisan compatriots don't mind if they think they can win any election, but they begin to mind after they've lost too many of them.

Still, you might not be reminded of the greater problem we are beginning to experience, and that is the widening divide between the "upper" and "lower" classes in Western societies. You really, really should watch this documentary about neglected teen girls in Britain being turned out by organized Pakistani criminals. It is a well done hour and a half on a problem that has been growing worse over a decade and a half.

They don't prey on posh kids. They pick the children of underclass parents, single mothers, people working too hard to be able to keep up with everything their kids might get up to while they're busy earning enough to feed them. And, since they're not posh kids, just the little rats from the ghettos, authorities find it easier to ignore it, not waste their precious budgets on it, even arrest victims instead of the culprits.

The problem is NOT racism. It's classism. The people orchestrating this "liberal" "multiculturalism" and inevitable clashes like these do so with the precise aim of widening the divide, destabilizing societies enough to get control over ALL of them.

And Hillary is out there stumping for the underclass in the United States to rise up and do something much worse than elect Trump to the pigs in charge of everything. Clear as day. Not subtle at all. Not "American" at all. Pure psychopathy, pure elitism, pure feudalism, pure lizard. YET people who fancy themselves intelligent remain obsessed with their Hatfield and McCoy team sports online and at the voting booths.

Instead of dare begin acting like adult humans and dealing with the problem.

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