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Pay attention. No shit, men. Iodine. Yes, yes, women suffer more because of estrogen, but you gotta have it, man or woman. And you're NOT getting it... unless... unless you have taken my advice over the last two or three thousand times I've brought it up, and bought this. It fights cancer. It prevents cancer. It makes you have smarter babies. It helps ALL your organs and your brain, but even if you won't think of the rest of your body, you will think of your prostate gland or your breasts and ovaries.

I know you will.


While I'm at it, Rick Simpson has a better video now. Much simpler.


Though there's not a lot of research behind the beneficial claims, here's why proponents of rose water believe you should drink up.

Drink rose water to hydrate the skin from the inside. Well-hydrated skin looks and feels plump and healthy.

Drink rose water, said to have anti-aging properties, to help with skin aging by reducing wrinkles, lightening dark spots and tightening pores.

Drink rose water as a mood enhancer, to relieve depression or stress and improve mood.

Drink rose water to relieve digestion troubles like bloating, upset tummy and constipation.

Drink rose water to help heal from colds, flu and sore throats. It may have a bronchodilator effect and help with respiratory illness.

Drink rose water to calm nerves when feeling frazzled.

Drink rose water to relieve fluid retention and inflammation.
What about bathing in it?

pipe up any time....