i've brought this up before

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But I may have been too oblique about it. This pretty well shoots down the Secret Space Program stuff unless they have some sort of field propulsion that negates the radiation AND the lack of gravity... or space slaves who are made to turn into either little grey aliens or tall Nordic aliens by these malignant biological influences... not aliens at all. Just regular humans who've been fucking around in space too long.

As you know, this isn't even all of my objections to the continued insistence on keeping this fantasy alive. I can so totally hang with us having advanced aircraft and spacecraft and weaponry and stuff because we may be stupid but we're bright enough to do that stuff, but I can't hang with it being a big thing, well staffed, buzzing around the solar system or even beyond, because "their" lies are too seamless for them to be "their" lies, and because it would NOT cost all the trillions said to be missing off the books entirely, whereas things like paying for perfidious types everywhere to execute destabilization at a moment's notice really does account for many trillions nobody seems to know where they could have gotten off to.

Also, for the millionth time, the same people who print up all that paper and make zeroes appear in bank accounts at whim, can burn as much of that paper as tickles their fancy and make zeroes disappear in bank accounts just for shits and giggles. So there's NO compelling reason to believe there is a Star Fleet out there working for a breakaway civilization and leaving us to writhe in our suffering down here, okay?

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