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Not. First off, it could be almost anybody, and second off, reach back in your mind to remember Benjamin Fulford insisting Rockefeller/Bush own North Korea through Japan. I think "Rockefeller" might be Ben's code for the same group I call "the psychopaths" and others have lately been referring to as "the deep state" so as not sound like frivolous conspiratards, and do not forget Dennis Rodman is NOT going there so often to serve as the Kim family heirloom Americlown.

[Actually, madman though he surely is, Ben uses all kinds of code for the psychopaths. Sabbatean Satanists. Khazarian Mobsters. Rockefeller. Rothschild. Bush. Clinton. So, you might excuse me for just settling on "the psychopaths" for this shit.]

I know, I know, it's getting about as dangerous any real human can stand without running screaming naked off a cliff, but — breathe deep — remember who was supposed to be president and how she lost, and remember Nosbaracktu was in Japan yesterday — no doubt in an effort to stanch the bleeding — and Darth Hillary was so recently tripping in India — no doubt to shoot flames. You know what kind of offers they were making. And, today, just about all of Europe is making noise with Britain and the United States, seemingly circling the payshopaths' worst nightmares. We've been expecting big trouble.

Except, I seriously do NOT expect either Russia or China to lose their heads just when victory is so close to hand. That is what all this has been about, and it's not going to happen. We very well may be in for it here, but not from nukes, not WWIII.

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