over a decade late

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There was NEVER any there there, not from the very git go. All there ever was was a long line of fellows falling for the batting eyelashes and trying to help her make sense... failing to credit, if they ever noticed, that there had not been any there there to start out with.

I remember when she besotted Winter Patriot. I tried solidarity because of him, thinking surely I'd missed something, that there was a crucial nugget I'd missed, and she had ANYTHING at all to do with exposing 9/11 truth beyond stating fantastically circuitously that she'd been a translator and caught Turkish people involved in the flow of drugs from Afghanistan into Turkey and on to all points still further West trying to gain influence with the government.

NONE of that was news to anyone, but she'd been silenced and in fear for her safety and needed to keep constantly in the public eye because they'd come and kill her if she didn't stay relevant. Further, the whole whistleblower organization of hers was full of similarly at risk heroes, like the one who would not give me the documents on the ICE/DEA House of Death case unless I would pin it on racism.

Lots of darn intelligent and dedicated guys have taken the bait, and maybe even will continue. Stupid fucks.

So, anyway, FINALLY, one of her most faithful knights has had it. She's threatened his standing as the internet's lucid person and THAT finally is that.

pipe up any time....