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Too corrupt to be borne, beneath our notice, except that if we do not notice we can't stop it. You think we can't stop it anyway, but that's not true, and also you don't get to sit back and gloat about your good intentions if you won't even notice it.


Russia has vetoed a US-sponsored resolution on the alleged chemical incident in Syria in a UN Security Council vote. The draft was designed to fail and thus “justify” unauthorized action in Syria, Russia’s UN envoy said.

“If you made a decision to carry out an illegal military endeavour, we hope that you will come to your senses. You will be responsible for it yourselves,” Russia’s envoy to the UN, Vassily Nebenzia, warned.

The US-sponsored resolution has received 12 votes in favor, two against and one abstention. As Russia used its veto right, the resolution was not adopted. The Russian-sponsored resolution did not get the minimum nine votes needed to pass, with six votes for, seven against and two abstentions.

Nebenzia said the US resolution, despite Washington claiming to take Moscow’s concerns into consideration, was effectively an attempt to resurrect the deprecated Joint Investigative Mechanism (JIM). Even if the US project was adopted, it would take months to implement, the diplomat said, adding that the draft was a “provocative step” that had “nothing to do with the desire to investigate the Douma incident.” He said it was obviously designed to fail in order to serve as a justification for unauthorized military action against Syria.

“Why do you need the attribution mechanism, if you’ve already named the perpetrators before any investigation?” Nebenzia said, referring to blatant accusations against Damascus coming from the US and its allies.

US envoy Nikki Haley claimed that the Moscow-sponsored document would breach the principle of impartiality and give Russia a tool to “choose investigators” and influence the probe by other means. During the meeting, Haley, as well other members of the UNSC, such as the UK and France, again pinned the blame for the alleged incident on Damascus, accusing Moscow of “shielding” Syria’s President Bashar Assad.

China has supported the Russian-sponsored draft resolution, stating that it would be a great improvement over the previous UN-sponsored investigative bodies for Syria. The Russian project would allow for a “robust on-site investigation, ensure procedure impartiality,” which would be able to make “credible conclusions,” China said, expressing regrets that the draft was not adopted.

Russia and the US have separately requested a vote on their draft resolutions on Douma. The alleged attack was reported on Saturday by anti-government groups, which claimed that the Syrian Army dropped a chlorine-filled munition on the area, affecting dozens of civilians. However, no solid facts on the purported incident have emerged yet.
I'm trying to keep track of updates and revisions. I never stop looking for hints of dishonesty in their reporting, in any reporting, but especially where the worst I've yet seen is a stubborn effort to remain diplomatic.




I can't listen to Nikki Haley. She's revolting. Revolting as every goddam female "diplomat" we've had in decades, with the possible exceptions of Shirley Temple Black and Caroline Kennedy. Harpies! ALL of them! It's heinous. It's not womanly. It's not even manly! It's just uniformly evil shit.


I can't decide if the inclusion of the UK here makes me feel better or worse about my assessment that Trump's buying time so the OPCW can get in and declare nothing took place.
French President Emmanuel Macron said that a decision on whether or not to carry out military action against Syria is being discussed between Washington, London and Paris. He also assured that Syria’s allies won’t be targeted.

“We will continue exchanges of technical and strategic information with our partners in particular Britain and America, and in the coming days we will announce our decision,” the French president said Tuesday.

According to Macron, any French attacks on Syria would not target allies of the Syrian government – in an apparent reference to Russian and Iranian forces legitimately present in the country – but would instead target chemical weapons facilities. It is not clear which facilities Macron was referring to, given that it has been confirmed by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), an international watchdog, that Syria has destroyed all of its chemical arms stockpile.
But if anybody on earth needs her credibility as a leader boosted, it's Theresa May... after the HORRIFIC Skripal horse shit. Still, this is either the psychopaths' bid for Assad, without repercussions from Russia, or some sanity trying to head them off.

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