from probably not

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To definitely maybe.

Thing is, I lost my willingness to cut my "doctor" some slack due to his failure to call me as promised and due to the fact that over a week had transpired without word about either my blood tests or the ultrasound. I went and got the report from the local hospital radiology department and went to the clinic to get the blood results today.

Subsequent googling was interrupted by the the clinic calling me and telling me they were getting me scheduled for a fine needle biopsy, that someone from the surgical department in either Eureka or Grants Pass should be calling me soon.

I did not make any sarcastic statements. Not a peep about no-shit-Sherlock or thanks-Einstein. I was a model patient and just said, "Okay, and thank you."


My life! Of course. If I set out a comprehensive list of events and circumstances and closed options that needed very badly to be open here, you'd either lose consciousness in disbelief, or never return... in self defense.

All I can think to say is: When the buddhas of the ten directions decide to kick my ass, they do NOT mess around.

pipe up any time....