i have to stop badmouthing my "doctor"

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I don't want to, because he is a completely brainwashed Nazi, but I went in there and told him I think my thyroid is tanking again, that I have been hoping we'd reached the end of its ability to tank and make me need more hormone. I have been blaming stress or messing up on what I eat... really, honestly, sick to fucking death of hassling with these "medical professionals" about getting enough thyroid hormone... wanting my brain back, my hair to stop breaking off, the sucking lack of chi....

But all that's been going on and I have GOT TO function. So I went. I told him about the weird intermittent pains that feel like a nerve or a blood vessel is being pulled from my thyroid up into the little necklace of lymph nodes under my chin, and so he bothered to feel it, to actually get his fingers around it and have me move it by swallowing and... he felt something.

He's a man of science, a certified physician's assistant, and he can't go off symptoms. He does, however, know a doctor who does and can refer me... that guy will raise my dose... and if this fuck doesn't, I will go to the one who does, probably at great personal expense, but at least this droid finally did palpate the distressed organ in question.

Never mind that last time I did this he sent me off to have my carotid arteries checked, and that was a year or more ago, this time he sent me in for an ultrasound of my thyroid.

There's a nodule on both sides of it.

Heavy sigh. Now I have to find out if he raised my dose and he will be calling me to arrange for a fine needle biopsy.

pipe up any time....