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Are there food trucks accompanying this "refugee caravan"? Where are they stopping to rest and in/on what? Not very many of them seem to be even burdened with a backpack. Basically, who's financing it and who's organized it and who's keeping the Mexican police off them? And is this tugging at anyone's heartstrings? Or is it just another lame, and way too expensive for poor people, attempt at altruism theater?

I might be grouchy today because yesterday I bought a pint of ice cream on sale and ate it for dinner. I haven't done that in years. There are days when my weird form of agoraphobia kicks in and there's no reasoning with it. It was triggered by getting to the dairy section and there being ONE pint of cream left in that entire monolith of a store.

Holiday desserts, you know, and so I lost all my chi for getting creative about my grocery needs, grabbed some hamburger so I won't starve for a few days... and succumbed to the sales price on some ice cream on my way to the checkout, where I was getting dizzy from the heat.

The store itself is kept too warm, and none of the refrigerated sections are kept cold enough. Everything in them goes off days before the label implies. So, well, it was grouchiness responsible for it, and grouchiness that ensued from it, and I think I am still grouchy from it.

Don't eat that shit.

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