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101 is being closed in one or both directions due to accidents and weird fatalities involving pedestrians or weird pedestrians who were already fatalities. It's not so much trees falling or slides, but maniacs, and keeps closing the highway to motorists. Truly, almost every day. I've been watching and it's way into the creepy zone.

There's a bunch of things they want to do to 101 and 199 to make it safe for big rigs of all sorts. None of it environmentally friendly and all of it mandatory to offshore drilling... and important to the box stores that have put most small businesses out of business.

I made the mistake of going to the local candidates' night last night, and I, as you could of told me would happen, left irate. I hate the incumbent and the challenger for my district. The two guys I liked, though one was a doddering geezer, are both running for the Crescent City district against the insufferably useless and unjustifiably smug old boy incumbent.

AND the prepared questions were full of completely useless zombie questions like what will you do about institutionalized racism and sexual harrassment? They can't do anything about it. Whatever could reasonably have been done has been done long since. It is ludicrous to bring up. It's barely even happening anywhere, and the more this irritating shit gets brought up by zombies, the more aggravated the lucid population becomes... over NOTHING.

Not one of the candidates shot back that there are laws already and if they are broken on you, you take it to the correct authority for prosecution. Okay? Here's a lollypop and some vitamins. Next question.

Plus, apparently it's impossible to attract or keep doctors up here because their wives don't like it. Not enough fancy shopping nearby. No shit. This is an issue.

I guess at least now I'm positive the spraying of the lily fields is never going to stop polluting the mouth of the Smith and its feeder streams and all our grass-fed cows and toxin-fed-and-watered residents.

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