kind of creeps me out

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The SCO announced this strategy at least ten years ago. I posted it at the time. I had to go back a couple times to find where it had ended up on their website, so I could remind you that this was the plan and they were sticking to it against all odds, but the last time I looked for it I couldn't find it on the English portion of their website anymore. I am sure it's still online, and maybe even in English, but definitely in the languages of all the SCO's member countries.

So what's creepin' me out is that the psychopaths cannot have missed that announcement, but either discounted it altogether or just plain were so confident of their ability to win anyway they didn't let it faze them.

I saw some nitwit pontificator going on about how Trump will now make Putin an offer he can't refuse to distance Russia from China in the matters of all their trade deals and military cooperation agreements, and that Putin will be too tempted to be in with the big boyz to turn him down. I did not bother to contact that idiot to find out what kind of psychedelics he's using, just had to lean back in my chair and contemplate the vicissitudes of mental conditioning be hardened in enough to actually express it like that in public.

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