ludicrous as it was

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I really was hoping he'd pull it off, be returned to health at 85, instead of work heroically for it and lose... not to the cancer but to the heroic work. Anyway, he left this one of a kind series for everybody and I wanted to remind you that it's worth your ears and your spirit.

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John Anthony West
Phoenixfire Podcast
Getting a geologist to confirm sphinx water weathering
Getting The Mystery of the Sphinx made
Boris as boon and bust business partner
Looking for the hall of records
Dealing with Zahi Hawass
The hunt for Atlantis
The Kali Yuga
Capitalism, first cowboy of the apocalypse
Stuck in a fancy hotel during the Egypt color revolution


You can get pretty much the whole ten in an abridged and updated five-hour lecture here:

Five Cowboys of the Apocalypse:
capitalism — all to me, none to you
patriotism — all for us, none for you
democracy — dishwashers picking chefs
technology — squashes creativity
entertainment — killing time before it kills you
Those are the notes I took that have been stuck to my refrigerator door for at least five years.

JAW was one of the people whose mental conditioning kept dropping off him from a very young age... or, more precisely, he kept sloughing off his mental conditioning from a very young age. I keep bringing him up because it would be great if more of us would do that, even if we're old already.

I've had to work a bit to make this easy for you, even if time consuming, and am hoping that, now he's gone, more people will upload recordings of lectures or videos from his Magical Egypt Tours, or maybe scrape together the dough to buy the DVDs of the updated Magical Egypt series, but my main interest is to expose to posterity the possibility of coming untrained.

pipe up any time....