not to be depressing

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But I need to ask if anybody really, truly, doesn't get what's going on. Yesterday, I looked at Jeffrey St. Clair's sort of weekly column and saw him equating the maniacal tendencies of Trump and Putin.
The concept of Mutually-Assured Destruction (MAD), which largely kept the US and USSR from engaging in a planet-destroying nuclear war, depended on the leaders of both nuclear super-powers being rational actors. But what are the prospects for nuclear war when the leaders of both nuclear super-powers are irrational, impulsive and petulant?
Never mind we always have to wade through St. Clair's stolid, interminable and zombielike obeisance to the "climate change" propaganda machine: WTF, man?

Is there anyone lucid who thinks this?

Are you just a lefty because your conditioning is so calcified you can't separate the input of your senses from your mental entrainment, your social circle, your fantasies? WHEN do you grow up? WHEN does the good of humankind feel more important than your carefully-channeled-into-you tastes? WHAT? THE? FUCK? MAN?

And... does anyone whose eyeprints have landed here think Donald is in charge of the military?

pipe up any time....