this was live coverage of the aftermath of the strikes

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He was plugged in to Syrian news outlets and military sources. Just after his coverage concluded, he tweeted that a military source says 90% of the missiles were intercepted. I hope that's true, but it should have been 100%.


Well, b still seems to think they've called off WWIII, that this was another feint to appear to be tough on The Animal Assad, a placation of the warmongers in Britain, France and the United States. I have to say, I saw the videos of the people in Damascus cheering, and of the scads of air defense missiles being shot off, so this might be right.
The only purpose of the attack was to do 'something' and to somewhat calm down the warmongers within those three countries. It was probably insufficient for that.

As we wrote yesterday in the piece below. World War III has been called off.
Not exactly right, because those warmongers are the psychopaths. We have troops in Syria training Muslim extremist "rebels" and that means either the psychopaths own the military, or a good enough portion of it to not respond to the president, and in fact make world leaders act like total ineffectual war criminal jackasses without ANY cover or ANY believable justification.
The majority of rockets fired in Syria by the UK, US, and France were intercepted by Syrian air defense systems, the Russian Defense Ministry said. Russian air defense units were not involved in repelling the attack.

The warplanes and vessels of the US and its allies launched over 100 cruise missiles and air-surface missiles on Syrian civil and military facilities, the ministry stated.

The strikes were conducted by two US ships stationed in the Red Sea, with tactical air support from the Mediterranean and Rockwell B-1 Lancer bombers from Al-Tanf coalition airbase in Syria’s Homs province, according to the statement.

Syrian Al-Dumayr Military Airport, located 40 km north-east from Damascus, was attacked by 12 cruise missiles, the Russian MoD confirmed, adding that all missiles were intercepted by Syrian air defense systems.

Russia did not deploy its air defense systems located in Syria to intercept the American, British, and French missiles.

Earlier, the ministry issued a statement saying that none of the missiles launched by the US and its allies reached the Russian air defense zones that shield facilities in the port city of Tartus and Khmeimim Air Base.
This has been an absolutely mortifying display of outright treasonous behavior by not one, not two, but three world leaders.

Partisan Girl, formerly Syrian Girl, says Russian planes taking off and heading for Al-Tanf, where the illegal jihadi training is going on, is what made the bombing end. She gave no indication how she knew this. I saw one other report of Russian planes taking off, but not saying where they were bound, so I'm guessing they were deploying their jets to protect their assets, not bomb ours.

Anyway, if b's little update holds water, it means the psychopaths still have enough clout to ruin at least these three leader's lives if they don't agree to publicly debauch themselves to this extent... and Alex Jones is taking it hard. I know how he feels.


Yeah, let's see if our troops get pulled....

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