and it helps sleep quality

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I somehow got robbed by ordering magnesium "capsules" that are actually capsule-shaped horse pills that are SO difficult to swallow I have to chop them up and powderize them to get that shit in me. I do it... I mean business... but I may go find it in gel caps because I can swallow them fine and this is a pain in the ass. But, damn, it's really helping me sleep better.

Will not GO to sleep without a chill pill, but once I am asleep, I can feel the improvement in sleep quality. It's not just a blackout, and not leaving me bewildered by absolutely no hint of anything approximating dreaming, and if it's helping me get the benefit of vitamin D, that is also major, major, major.

Especially for old people. We gotta have lots of C and D, even if we have to go to some yuppie infusion center to get it poked directly into our bloodstreams.

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