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Off the estrogen. Most of them can't take the estrogen. Makes 'em too foggy in the head. Chelsea's off his estrogen for certain. He's not a she. What in the fuck is wrong with being a girly gay guy and cutting the shit with this sex change crap? This has got to be a big part of why so many suicides in transexuals.

It doesn't work! Yer still the sex you started out with. A "lucky" few are born both or neither, but for the vast majority, the hormones present untenable problems. And Chelsea, when younger and SO much less experienced, was a drama queen to put it mildly, otherwise he'd never have been caught, but now he's shown what a man he is and the fucking tits and makeup can't hide it.

As for the protest, bullshit. That wasn't "free speech". That was outright criminal shit... and, Chelsea, the "liberals" give zero fucks about your life. They do not, not, not care if you live or die... especially now that you've figured out their sacred system is always the incumbent.

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