granny's been peeking again

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So he googled himself up something to read to us and pontificate about and from which to purport to make some of his patented high octane speculations — plagiarisms — in today's installation of his weekly News and Views from Romper Room. Sigh.

I know, I sound like a jaded and/or spiteful old bitch, but my choler is aimed at myself for having promoted him. Again, he has a first rate education in stuff most people find too arcane or boring or useless to bear, and listening to him when he's on the solid ground from his education is worth your time, but, see, it's really only a tiny number of set pieces and if you listen very often you can finish all his sentences for him while listening to him being interviewed.

This week's topic was, as I have been telling you, about the Rothschild Family and Soros, etc, buying cryptocurrency and going to do all the shit I've been telling you will come of this mode of money, and in his usual manner of politely educating morons... and, ahem, even mentioned the part about how this is probably not new, that we're only lately being told.

Say, Ace, how the fuck do you think all that volatility got started? For crapsakes. He always talks like he knows from high finance and economic jargon, but doesn't seem to grok the old pump and dump action even when it's in the headlines every day.

Harks me back to Janeway whining about why does David Wilcock attract so many more people than she does. I'd answered it is because he treats people like little babies who want stories with lots of space aliens and survivors of Satanic ritual abuse and captains of starships and alien bases on Antarctica. Next thing she does is call a conference that was the equivalent of kindergarten or nut house occupational therapy, with some snappy extemporaneous talks about... you guessed it....

A more respectable incarnation of GeorgeAnn Hughes.

And it wasn't long before Granny started reading us articles and "speculating" on their import every week.

I tell you what, my teacher told me... in a manner that will never stop teaching me... to watch what people do. I can ignore what they say or listen to it, but don't take my eyes off what they DO. It humiliates me when I ignore the warning bells too long. I am never not appalled with myself for taking my eyes off that ball while enjoying myself too much.

pipe up any time....