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Memorial Day. I know it's for the humans we've wasted in war, and nothing can erase their faithful hearts, but we've wasted a lot more humans than mere wars.

I'm in a zone. There's this "progressive" guy on a message board who hopes they slaughter Tommy Robinson because he's a "white nationalist". I don't know if I can pull this off, but it immediately reminded me of UFO nuts, the throngs giddying themselves over space aliens.

What's the point? Don't you get that the world is beautiful the way it is? Why do you make shit up to enhance the wondering? There could be people from a thousand different planets here. What affect? Unless maybe you think they are "them" — the psychopaths — but even then, what's that point?

Virtue signalling?

Does he realize Tommy Robinson has more respect and love and solidarity with all living things than he could dream of ever living up to? Does he think an effort to rid society of gang rapists and grooming gangs and "no go" zones and murder is "racist"? Really?

Guy supposedly has an advanced degree in something... which mortifies me to have to announce sounds correct.


Filthy fucks giggling about prepping for the Zombie Apocalypse.

Space aliens.

Dead heroes.

pipe up any time....