i confess

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I have an extremely close old friend who is an extremely close relative of this pig.

I only met him once, and I hated him immediately, completely, utterly, purely without the first part of a clue who he is or what he's done and said. So. Now that I know who he is and what he's done and said over the course of his life, it is very, very hard for me not to mention any remote thing to his relative that would be in my heart to say... except for the part about the unfairness of hurting my friend, someone that close to someone so horrifying.

Accident of birth. Not their fault.

Still, the urge is overpowering, and I don't let myself be overpowered. So if you think I have no concept of things like diplomacy and tact or manners or compassion, you're wrong.

pipe up any time....