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All the honchos from the Democratic Party have been acting more like the world-government-in-waiting than American citizens for the last few years, and they're getting so blatant about it, it's scary. Oh, oh, you want to remind me they are at least "dignified", bear themselves like serious leaders, lie so smoothly you want to forget it's pure bullshit, and do?

You find them at least less embarrassing? You find utter corruption less embarrassing than the president tweeting taunts to pigs? 99.9% of us never read the documentation of their utterly corrupt activities, activities so corrupt they can't even yet stand to observe the formality of being out of office. Still, the audacity of not bothering and settling for smooth psychopaths over rough neophytes just shows how psychedelically far off any connection to verity the mind can really go.

I poked my nose back into the Q Continuum a couple of times, and it still appears to me to be more akin to the guys channeling messages from our space brothers trying to keep the bliss ninnies on side, despite daily offenses to their sensibilities through both of Nosbaracktu's terms, than anything else. Just now Trump supporters aren't bliss ninnies. They're way more desperate Americans wanting our country back way more than bliss ninnies ever have. So they're using the insider opposition angle to keep the faithful on side. THAT was what won it for Trump in '16.

I still see the insider opposition at work, but I'm not hoping Trump is more faithful to them than his own hide anymore. So I guess I'm just going to have to keep my eyes peeled for these clues.

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