i'm 99% certain he works for soros

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He went black right after he got the Occupy shit up and running on Soros money, and his online presence either went dormant or rolled over to supplement salesmen. His meteoric rise in 2010 was preceded by almost nothing whatsoever, except the backing of Danny Schechter, whose Adbusters Magazine funneled the cash and organizers needed to create that PLANNED vivid flop... for which he very mysteriously refused to take credit.

Gone... except to demur to Cenk on the first anniversary and then to publish a book on the third. Gone. No activity on his sites. Nobody trying to take down his dot org where he brags about all the places he was published while making the 99% Movement into a recognizable entity. Gone.

Yesterday, he popped back up again.

His new site he's bitching about had not been up a month, and came fully loaded with "reports" and sudden heavy activity on his Twitter feed, bitching about being under attack, publishing about the missing trillions on Max Keiser's site, getting the lead story on Lee Camp's RT show, which was pretty much the same as his post on Truthdig. Once again, breaking miraculously hard upon the scene, this time about many more missing trillions, and this might herald a new round of even more obnoxious and disastrous — designed to fail — Occupy crap, OR it might be a way to insinuate him into RT, OR both.

The more the PTB seem to be picking on him, the more truth nuts will trust him.

Don't trust him.

pipe up any time....