i'm trying on a new theory

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Because there WERE two sphinxes when I was a girl.

You're not going to like it.

It could be that when I woke up — when I vowed the real vows and woke up — I was automatically removed from a heavenly realm and put into a hell realm with very nearly the same specs as the first, only radically different thrusts... from one where everyone was trying to rise to one where everyone was trying to cope with outright psychedelic spiritual debauchery.

One of the few physical clues is the disappearance of the other sphinx... the one whose face was much worse off, but whose body was perfectly hale... also looking east, but strangely kittywompus and across the causeway from the one we all recognize today.

This is not a mistake. It is a clue.

Those vows?

They included coming here to save you.

pipe up any time....