no it doesn't

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It has a new crop of participants who are so demoralized from the amorality of it that they're flat nihilists going about their hedonism by charming the ill-gotten gains out of crooks. Even our vaunted best and brightest are mindfucked so badly in school that postmodernism sounds right to them in college.

How do you expect them to behave then when they hit the workforce?

And how can you expect Elon to treat you when you're such a dork you are asking him this shit after one of his cars just killed somebody... and almost certainly due to the work of one of his diapered autists who aren't even mentally configured to consider things like pedestrians while coding up a self-driving car.

Nobody has been doing their job anywhere within the entire capitalist matrix for decades and it's showing. It's showing right as it's being handed over to an entire generation who are Mom's Basement Dwellers to the bone, voting for checks from the government to cover their gym dues and monthly dope budget and finding themselves with coding jobs for quintillionaires with big ideas or scam artists with playpens for offices and needing to party until the walls crumble because they are COMPLETELY unequipped to perform tasks.

In my day they at least put a lot of work into elevating their embodiment of their job title — while rarely to never actually doing work — but that much effort is no longer required or even doable if it were. Nowadays, the weaponized media is avid to beat down anyone trying to turn this tide. So, no, the rules of capitalism haven't changed a bit.

They're just nearing the population of the planet toward the ultimate goal of those who devised the deluded imperative for any monetary system whatsoever.

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