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His grandparents were from mining towns in Colorado, where indians who could pass for white were given the names of dead miners of European descent. Even though lots of them could pass for white before they ever met a European, having reddish hair, very fair and freckled skin, there was an awful lot of marrying with the ginger immigrants in the early days.

We know now that the one certain contribution to the human genome from Neanderthals is red hair and freckles. It was in the Old World and the New World, and they took to each other right away, despite the Old World Neanderthals being mindfucked to oblivion for centuries, insisting this was "civilization" and the New World tribes knowing better.

Grandfather actually Chickasaw and grandmother actually Cherokee. When the Five Civilized Tribes finally caved-in to the Dawes Act allotments, my dad's grandfather tried to get his Chickasaw identity back so he could get 160 acres in Oklahoma. Didn't work. So he was officially a Varner — it was his father who'd gotten that name off a dead miner whose family was never going to know — for good, and his wife, and all fourteen of their children... one of whom was my grandmother.

There are thousands and thousands of us out here who inherited the mindfuck before even the recognized tribe members, but even if your DNA proves your biological ancestry, the Five Civilized Tribes are not interested unless you can prove you are descended from someone on the Dawes Rolls, even after FDR "undid" the travesty of the Dawes Act, which let them have their tribal governments back.

Thing is, they didn't get them back. They got leadership vastly more resembling American governments than the splendid ones they'd had over the centuries they'd been making love not war with the European intruders. That love-making thing is what modern-day indians are pissed off about, why you get shit from them if you mention your native ancestry. It's not that they think you're trying to co-opt their bloodlines. It's because your shared ancestors were the fools who tried to get along with murderating maniac invaders.

I am so hot for the times when John Trudell reminded everyone of the Tribes of Europe because he managed to see past native and wasichu, back into the time when everywhere it was remnant bands of cataclysm survivors, everywhere trying their best to retain the real civilization that had been decimated.

You can't do this online unless maybe you have some serious search engine access, but you can go to a university library and start reading history books that reproduce the primary sources and find out for yourself that no matter how primitive or deranged you might find them to have been, they were in fact radically more civilized than the European invaders... but the Europeans had once been the same kind of remnant, the same kind of civilized... too many generations back by the time they got here to know anything about it anymore.

Too many ancestors burned at the stake; too many centuries of forced Christianity; too many generations of serfdom and illiteracy and famine and plague to have preserved an ion of it in their neural activity. The only place it is left is in their genes, and JT understood. I understand.

You want what's right here in your DNA — not a scientist on earth who can translate that for you — and if you don't swear yourself to it and learn for yourself how to read that code, your life has not gone toward recovering true humanity. The real you is thousands of times more intelligent than you've ever let yourself suppose, and you won't ever know it for yourself until you finally let yourself remember.

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