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He doesn't call it "Morgellons" anymore. He calls it "nano poisoning" and insists that most of the Lyme disease diagnoses are not Lyme, but nano poisoning. Still, if you've only got something as trivial as, say, arthritis, you do not have to be in that kind of pain... plus, more garage projects... that will be all the easier once you finish the one you picked from the publicly available free energy devices to build at home.

Again, I know he sounds nuttier'n heck, but he gave me back my life when no doctor would or could help me out of my trough and he was standing by to help me cure GeorgeAnn when I thought I was going to help her beat her just discovered cancer. As you may recall, it was a big lie. She'd had it and done nothing about it for many years. Not only would she not go to a doctor, but she also wouldn't touch any of the many naturopathic cancer cures people had sent her.

People were spending all kinds of money to send her expensive supplements that came monthly and she'd just piled them up with all the also unopened expensive kitchen appliances and batteries of vacuum cleaners in her cockroach-infested hovel with both broken water plumbing pipes and leaking gas plumbing pipes and antique electrical system threatening to blow her and her four sacred dogs... and then her would-be savior... to kingdom come.

Pitiful, I know, but the size of the lies when all she wanted was a reliable dog sitter to protect her corpse until her son could come take it all off my hands. Crying poor over the broadband so pitifully for years, when she was pulling in over $2000 a month in Social Security and alimony, not counting all the donations for her podcast, a fortune by Oklahoma standards, that woman was the biggest liar con-artist I ever met.

She railed against people eating sugar when it only feeds cancer and I found her eating only jam straight from the jar with a spoon. NOT in any way disposed to even slow her cancer.

So I called off Tony from the emergency channels to get her cured because she was riddled with very advanced stage four tumors. A huge one ran through her uterus and into her bowel — which accounted for the bathroom being piled to the ceiling with soaked sanitary napkins and huge boxes full of fresh ones — but they were in her lungs and brain and miscellaneous other places too. She would have been dead in a couple days if the pain had not become so bad she'd finally allowed me to take her to the Chocktaw hospital ER that was LITERALLY across the street from her house.

I guess I'm bringing this up now, after all this time, to remind you that people telling the truth as best they know it can sound so nutty to us because we have been conditioned our whole lives to look askance at that action, and Tony backs every word 100% with REAL benefice, whether you can pay or not, but there are also people who sound like gentle victims of capitalism whose only aim is getting the Truth to the world and we will listen to them, and we will discommode ourselves egregiously to help them, when they're really the insane ones, lying so hard and so long nobody but other shysters can benefit from their lives at all.

I know it's hard to even veer a jot from doctor's advice when you are seriously sick. That's etched in all our psyches so deeply it is apt to take over completely when in extremis, but do not EVER forget that it is always INTENT that does the work and you must watch what people DO even over listening to what they say — doubly difficult with doctors because they were trained in medical school to do this to us... they don't even know how harmful their attention or inattention can actually be.

So try to give Tony your attention here. You could end up with a new hat, or with safer money, or a way to break up all the electro-smog messing with your sleep... just plain remind you that your intelligence is good for stuff beyond conforming to mistaken or nefarious mental conditioning.

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